Change Your Perspective

Changing your angle of attack can produce striking changes in chromatic composition. In this case a short walk gives me a mostly grayscale image with just a bit of color pop.DSC_0062

The image above is the same gull as the image below, in the same location.  He didn’t move for some time.  But you can see here that simply creeping twenty feet to my right gave me a backdrop that was in the same grayscale as the gull’s body and the railing.  The result is a beak, eye, feet and rope that pop with color, creating an interesting effect.DSC_0069

These images have no post processing at all.

My junior high school photography teacher taught a small bit of composition and a great deal of chemistry in developing film and creating prints on photographic paper.  The chemistry has become obsolete, but the composition will always be critically important.

There are those who will tell you that zoom lenses can be replaced by your feet (moving closer to or further from your subject).  I respectfully disagree, but I do believe in the importance of changing perspective.  In the wild you are constrained by safe distance from wildlife, a sudden cliff drop off, spiny cactus, or treacherous waters.  A zoom lens or telephoto is indispensable in the preservation of your  own personal safety, in the endeavor of the photographer to be unobtrusive and to capture an image at a time of opportunity.  That being said, be sure to move your feet when you can.  Get low, get high (responsibly so) and change your angle of attack to get more interesting photos.

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